why with us?

Our company consists of 5 sales agents with 5 different languages, including Arabic, so in case there is any specific matter that you would like or feel more comfortable speaking in your language, we also have that option.  We would like to discuss with you opportunity of listing your property in exclusive. Here’s why?

  • Cosmopolitan Properties provides you with a single point of contact to discuss, negotiate and agree on the right move for you.
  • We will proactively market your property by contacting our database of prospective buyers and existing investors, and by promoting «open house» events which have historically generated numerous prospects.
  • We will market your property with their approved network of professional real estate brokers who will offer your property to their clients.
  • We will advertise on different national and international real estate portals as well as www.cosmopolitan-properties.com
  • We will avoid prolonged periods of inconvenience, unqualified viewings, expense and frustration. Hence, your property will be sold sooner.

Tel. +34 951 279 367