Frequently asked questions about real estate for sale

faqs_5If you have decided to proceed with the purchase of a property, it is best to contact a real estate agent, who further optimize your search, you can legally represent you and do all the necessary research and efforts on your behalf.

The first step in a sale is a private contract signature. Initially, an agreed date will be agreed by both parties. This will be fixed and inserted into the booking contract. All the relevant details will be included in the contract, ie, description, price, payment, etc.. Your agent or attorney establish whether or wish to terminate the transaction with powers of attorney. Contracts will be prepared and given to you, your agent, or your legal counsel.

In signing the reservation contract, will be required to pay a deposit. This payment brings the reservation of the property to the buyer during the time that has been agreed upon, so that if at this time and on agreed terms not acquired the property, you lose the reservation or option price.

During the period of the booking contract and before signing the final contract of purchase / sale, you need to have the contract checked by your legal advisor or real estate agent, who will get a ‘Nota Simple’ Property Registry ensuring that the seller owns the property and the status of loads on said property. He shall also ensure that all taxes have been paid, and that there are no hidden problems that may affect future buyer.

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